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February 10, 2006

El canciller uruguayo, Reinaldo Gargano, ratificó ante la Comisión Permanente del Parlamento que el tema de un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con Estados Unidos, no está en la agenda del gobierno
Para el investigador, las casas encuestadoras no tomaron en cuenta que la mayoría de los indecisos estaba en contra del Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) con Estados Unidos
CUENCA.- Por la trascendencia que para el futuro del Ecuador tendrá una eventual suscripción del Tratado de Libre Comercio con los Estados Unidos, el Consejo Nacional de Educación Superior (CONESUP) realizará una Consulta Cívica Nacional sobre el TLC, proceso que se cumplirá el 15 de febrero en todas las universidades y escuelas politécnicas del país
(CESDEN).- Del análisis del texto del TLC entre EEUU-Perú se encuentran serias implicancias sobre las políticas nacionales de conservación y biodiversidad. Según el capítulo sobre Propiedad Intelectual, el Perú se somete a una serie de obligaciones que afectarán las políticas dirigidas al uso sostenible de la biodiversidad
Caribbean leaders are reconsidering the region's strategic alliances, including a possible free trade agreement with Venezuela as an alternative to the stalled Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) negotiations.
La administración de Alvaro Uribe pidió al gobierno de Evo Morales que vote a favor de la reformulación de la decisión 486 de la Comunidad Andina de Naciones (CAN) a cambio de que Colombia garantice mercados para las oleaginosas bolivianas en las negociaciones del TLC con Estados Unidos.

February 9, 2006

Fiji's garment industry will face more problems if a free trade agreement (FTA) is signed between Australia and China, says Fiji Textile Clothing and Footwear President, Ramesh Solanki.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economy Han Duck-soo Wednesday said that the Korean won's current strength against the dollar will not last long.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economy Han Duck-soo said on Wednesday that the government would seek to resume free trade agreement (FTA) talks with Japan soon. Han said that recent developments have created a favorable climate for Korea to resume the FTA talks with Japan.
China has established nine free trade areas (FTA) with different partners during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period (2001-2005), covering one fourth of China's total foreign trade, according to Ministry of Commerce.
A free-trade agreement (FTA) that Thailand signed with China a little over two years ago has begun to worry politicians and academics, who say it has proved disastrous for the Southeast Asian country's farmers.
A proliferation of bilateral free trade deals in Asia risks creating a "spaghetti bowl" of overlapping measures that could actually harm companies, the head of the Asia Development Bank (ADB) said today.
United States ambassador to the country, Hans Hertell, handed over to Industry and Commerce minister Francisco Javier Garcia, six studies that focus on strengthening competitiveness of equal number of productive sectors, with a view on the Free Trade Agreement. “I am here to deliver these six studies by sector, which describe new and ample opportunities,” said Hertell.
Bogota Mayor Luis Eduardo Garzon insisted Thursday on a referendum to finally resolve the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Washington because of its upshots in the Colombian people.
The National Economic and Social Advisory Council yesterday warned the prime minister not to let the immediate gains from opening trades with the US blind him to the latent risks of rushing into an economic partnership.
Vice Finance and Economy Minister Kwon Tae-shin Thursday said Korea shouldn't be shy at the free trade agreement (FTA) negotiation table with the United States.
On 7 February 2006, the FTA Watch warned about the catastrophe that would arise from the US's FTA proposal to Thailand on Intellectual Property Rights which was submitted in the sixth round of negotiations.
Indo-Canadian MP Deepak Obhrai, newly named parliamentary secretary to the minister of foreign affairs, has said he will push for a free trade agreement between India and Canada.
A US official said yesterday that Washington would not consider goods manufactured at an industrial park in the North Korean border city of Kaesong as South Korean products in its free-trade negotiations with Seoul.
Five and a half years after the implementation of the Mexico-European Union free trade agreement, the first such accord between Europe and a country in Latin America, the partners tout its success, while social activists complain that it has failed to deliver on its promises.
South Korea's movie industry ground to a halt on Wednesday, as dozens of stars and hundreds of film workers protested against a government move to cut protection for the industry to smooth free trade talks with the United States.
Japan hopes to open talks with India by this summer on a free-trade agreement, which would open the way for Asia's largest economy to invest more in the emerging giant, an official said Wednesday.
The US will push Korea for further negotiations on resuming imports of US beef with parts attached to the bone included, an official with the US Embassy in Korea said Wednesday. This January, the Korean government partly lifted the ban to ease the way for free-trade talks.
University students are taking to the streets Wednesday to demand expiration of the contract with Oxy US oil company and spurn the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Washington.
East Asia should set up a unified region-wide free trade pact to help boost trade and investment and further promote regional economic integration, the president of the Asian Development Bank said yesterday.
Israel and Hungary have signed an economic cooperation agreement and a statement of intent on cooperation in R&D.
India and Serbia & Montenegro today signed a 'Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement', which includes grant of 'Most Favoured Nation' treatment in trade of goods and services and setting up of a Joint Economic Committee to explore new areas for bilateral trade.
The Kuwaiti Ambassador praised the level of trade relations between Kuwait and the United States, which is considered Kuwait's largest trade partner, and expressed Kuwait's hope that the ongoing trade negotiations would lead to a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

February 8, 2006

Details of US proposals in free-trade talks with Thailand - perceived by many Thais as “forbidden information” the government has tried to cover up - were recently posted for all to see in cyberspace. Witoon Leanchamroon, director of BioThai, a non-government organisation working for bio-diversity and community rights, said at a press conference yesterday he had been told a group of Americans involved in public health issues had posted a full text of the patent chapter from the Thai-US free trade talks at
A pocas semanas de celebrarse la ronda final de negociación del TLC entre Ecuador y EEUU, algunos comentaristas apuntan que una eventual decisión del Gobierno de declarar la caducidad del contrato con la Oxy, empresa que ha hecho grandes inversiones en Ecuador, complicaría la relación y el cierre de un acuerdo.
Benita Ferrero Walgner, comisaria de Relaciones Exteriores de la Unión Europea, afirmó hoy que ese bloque desea ampliar el acuerdo de libre comercio que tiene con México desde el año 2000 para abarcar otros bienes, como "las inversiones, servicios y productos agrícolas", y que en el terreno comercial la UE buscará "la apertura de los mercados de licitaciones, la liberalización del movimiento de capital y pagos, y la adopción de disciplinas en el campo de la competencia y de derechos de propiedad intelectual".
La preservación de la Comunidad Andina de Naciones (CAN) es una prioridad para el gobierno de Bolivia sobre cualquier otro acuerdo comercial, inclusive con Estados Unidos, declaró hoy el presidente Evo Morales.
In Central America, the CAFTA debate led to massive protests. Meanwhile, here in Canada, our government is quietly negotiating much the same sort of agreement which calls for the free flow of investment and presumably the removal of tariffs and agricultural safeguards.
The free trade agreement reached between South Africa and the EU on automotive products in November last year has run into trouble and has not been implemented.
The BIMSTEC (Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation) free trade agreement is expected to come into force from July 1 this year, the Bangladesh Parliament was told Sunday.
A US free trade pact with Central America, already delayed by a legal wrangle, has run into further trouble at presidential elections in Costa Rica where voters punished the main pro-trade candidate.
Exporters are pressing the government to pursue bilateral free trade arrangements to enable them to benefit from liberalization instead of waiting until 2013 for developed countries to lift their subsidies on agricultural exports.
South Korea and India announced Tuesday the start of negotiations aimed at signing a free trade deal by the end of next year, officials said.
For the United States, intellectual property rights represent the single most valuable asset in light of the new reality of information-based economies and where they derive their national wealth. The supremacy of the US as a global power depends on how effective it is in acquiring and maintaining its ownership of knowledge assets.
Opponents of a free trade area (FTA) agreement with the US have lashed out at the government's proposed amendment of Thai patent law to facilitate the United States' patenting of drugs and living organisms in Thailand. They fear it would lead to greater control of the country's resources by American firms.

February 7, 2006

Uganda is losing business in the Sudanese market because of its failure to ratify the Free Trade Area of the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (Comesa).
Japan wants to open free trade agreement (FTA) talks with the Gulf Cooperation Council, China, India, Australia and South Africa, a top-selling business daily here reported Sunday.
One of Asia's best known movie stars stood in front of the National Assembly in Yoido, Seoul, holding a picket which read: ``Be a friend of the screen quota system and we will flap Taegukgi in the world.''
The competition over "mating" between countries and regions through free trade agreements is unusual. One hundred and twenty free trade agreements have been entered to date - 95 of them in the past five years. Fifteen agreements were reached last year and 37 are currently underway. Immediately after he came into office in 2001, US President George W. Bush pushed to enter free trade agreements, saying the United States was behind the European Union in making such pacts.
A free trade agreement (FTA) between South Korea and the United States would help ease concerns over North Korea's nuclear weapons development, a high-ranking official said Tuesday.
The United States is seeking a free trade agreement with the Common Market of the South (Mercosur), Latin America's largest trading bloc, according to a top US diplomat.
Declaraciones del recién estrenado embajador norteamericano en Paraguay, James Cason, son interpretadas hoy aquí como el inicio de una serie de presiones para conseguir la firma de un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC).
El TLC que firmó Perú con Estados Unidos incluye dentro de sus 24 capítulos un capítulo laboral que sería el mismo para Colombia y Ecuador. A propósito de la inclusión de este capítulo, es necesario analizar el impacto en el empleo y las condiciones laborales que traería la firma del Tratado para las y los colombianos.
La Iglesia Católica colombiana pidió hoy lunes al Gobierno del presidente Alvaro Uribe que se abstenga de firmar con Estados Unidos un Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) que no sea 'satisfactorio' y 'equitativo' para ambas partes.
Japan and Thailand are likely to sign a bilateral free trade agreement in April, a high-ranking Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry official said Monday.

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