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For Better Access to the Diversity of Foreign Film Offerings

Anyone with the slightest interest in statistics on international trade in the film sector cannot have failed to notice the major imbalance that exists in this sector. This imbalance involves not only the trade of developing countries, but also that of developed countries. Developing countries, confronted largely by a domestic market with limited resources, most often find themselves dependent on foreign films for the majority of their consumption. According to a global study by UNESCO in September 1999, Africa, with an average as low as 42 local productions, imported more than 2,811 films per year, and in Arabic countries, cinemas showed ten times more foreign than domestic films. In Latin America, the imbalance was just as flagrant, as for example in Chile and Costa Rica where Hollywood films represent more than 95% of the domestic market. These few statistics are already enough to show the scope of the trade imbalance regarding developing countries.


Column by Mr. Ivan Bernier, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at Université Laval in Québec City for Spotlight on Diversity, hosted by the Governmnet of Québec Secretariat for Cultural Diversity

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