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Coalitions for Cultural Diversity meet in Seoul, call for action to keep culture out of the WTO

3rd International Meeting of Cultural Professional Organizations At the beginning of June the Coalitions for Cultural Diversity (CCD) gathered 400 cultural activists, artists, experts, and senior government officials from 60 countries in Seoul, S. Korea, to develop an action plan in support of the proposed Convention on Cultural Diversity (CCD). The CCD would assure each nation the right to develop its own cultural and media policies without fear of attack in the WTO or in other regional or bilateral trade agreements.

Drafting of the CCD began this year over the objections of the US ambassador to UNESCO. The CCD will be put to a vote at the 33rd General Conference of UNESCO in the fall of 2005. Media policy activists around the world are developing strategies to support the CCD, which is sure to be attacked by Big Media companies eager to use the WTO and other trade deals to undermine public interest media policies and gain global market share.

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