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Local Content Requirements for Film, Radio, and Television as a Means of Protecting Cultural Diversity: Theory and Reality (II)

In the first part of this chronicle, we have shown that there is an important discrepancy between economics’ fundamentally negative view of quotas in general and the legal and practical tolerance that quotas appear to benefit from in their application to the film, radio, and television industries. However, this observation does not explain why such tolerance exists in these sectors. For further understanding of this subject, we shall look at the arguments that support the use of local content requirements in the sectors under discussion.Even when these arguments are accepted as valid, however, reservations are nonetheless expressed concerning local content requirements, either because they are not considered efficient economically speaking, or simply because new communication technologies are making them obsolete. We shall therefore complete our examination of the subject with a critical look at the future of local content requirements as defence mechanisms for cultural diversity.


Column by Mr. Ivan Bernier, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at Université Laval in Québec City for Spotlight on Diversity, hosted by the Governmnet of Québec Secretariat for Cultural Diversity

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