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Developing Countries and the Plan for an International Convention on Cultural Diversity

At first glance, the issue of preserving cultural diversity in a time of economic globalization and liberalization of trade might appear to have little relation to the immediate concerns of developing countries. To the extent that these countries are interested in cultural diversity, this seems primarily because such diversity raises internal problems whose solution is perceived as linked to the improvement of their economic situation. From this we might easily conclude that for the countries in question, the need for an international convention on cultural diversity is not readily apparent. However, we must be careful not to draw this conclusion too hastily since, as we shall see in the following pages, it is based on a simplistic view of the interest of developing countries, which fails to take into account the contribution of culture to economic development and ignores the dangers posed to the cultural development of these countries by the accelerated liberalization of commercial trade.


Column by Mr. Ivan Bernier, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law at Université Laval in Québec City for Spotlight on Diversity, hosted by the Governmnet of Québec Secretariat for Cultural Diversity

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