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Extensive mobilization within UNESCO around the preliminary draft convention on cultural diversity

At the first meeting of intergovernmental experts regarding an instrument on cultural diversity, 600 experts representing 132 UNESCO member countries, as well as numerous observers, 19 international organizations, and 20 nongovernmental organizations gathered in Paris from September 20 to 24 to review the preliminary draft Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions.

After opening the meeting, UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura emphasized that this first stage of negotiation was important for the Organization, and that the proposed preliminary draft is a good starting point for discussions. He stressed the need, given the enormous challenges of this Convention, to present the next General Conference with a text that reflects a consensus, although it is normal and desirable for debate to arise and different opinions to be expressed at this initial phase of discussion.

In accordance with the rules of procedure, this first intergovernmental meeting of experts on the preliminary draft Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions elected a chair and board, and formed a 24 member drafting committee open to observers.


Rules of procedure:

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Link to Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultura

Might it not be a good idea to place a link at some prominent place on this site to the document itself? I hunted around for it without success, and finally downloaded the PDF file from the Unesdoc site!

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Added the draft Convention for download

Thank you agrao for pointing this out. Today I uploaded the draft UNESCO convention to a static box on the top of the homepage.