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Ownership by Canadians: To enrich the social, political and cultural fabric of Canada

This paper, by the leading advocate for the Canadian cultural community, makes the case for restricting foreign media ownership. It demonstrates the threats cultural workers and the cultural community in Canada recognize in light of government efforts to relax media ownership restrctions through domestic policy and international trade agreements.

The paper argues that public policy on culture and heritage in Canada must ensure that the widest diversity of Canadian voices are heard and that policy is not merely oriented to the market and ensuring that "the stars" are heard. They argue that a successful cultural policy ensures that Aboriginal, French and English and multicultural voices from all regions are heard and that the experiences of men, women and children, whether born here or having chosen to live here, are also accessible.

The paper goes on to criticize the arguments put forward in support of eliminating or weakening the media ownership rules. It also examines some of the flaws in our system, where the intent of public policy has not been well translated into policy instruments or where governments and their agencies have not adequately enforced their own policies.
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