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India expresses reservations over draft convention on culture

India News > Shanghai, Oct 16 : India today expressed serious reservations over a draft convention being discussed at the UNESCO which infringed on the rights and obligations of sovereign states and called for redrafting it so as to allow countries to nurture their cultural diversity. "It needs to be emphasised that the primary task of protecting cultural diversity remains with sovereign governments. The member states should be encouraged to formulate appropriate polices and programmes," Minister for Culture and Information and Broadcasting, S Jaipal Reddy, said here at a multilateral conference on culture. Reddy pointed out that the preliminary draft convention which has been discussed at the Intergovernmental Governmental Experts' Meeting at United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) last month, leaves much to be desired. In times of globalisation, when cultural diversity comes under powerful challenges, a Convention on Cultural Diversity is timely and appropriat, he said. "While India appreciates and supports a Convention on Cultural Diversity, the present draft requires a great deal of correction," Reddy said in a statement at the 7th Annual Ministerial Meeting of the International Network on Cultural Policy (INCP) which concluded here today. To begin with, the title of the Convention is suggested as not a Convention on Cultural Diversity, but a Convention on Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions. "I do not know whether this new title conveys the original idea of protecting cultural diversity," Reddy said. PTI

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