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INCP delivers statement

The Seventh Annual Ministerial Meeting International Network on Cultural Policy ended in the city on Saturday after announcing the "Shanghai Statement."The statement recognized the dual nature of cultural goods and services, the link between cultural diversity and sustainable development. The statement also stressed the need of INCP members to enhance cooperation and exchange for the preservation of traditional cultures and promote international cultural diversity. It also highlighted the need to find a balance between innovation and the protection of vulnerable forms of expression, as well as the need to identify elements that threaten traditional cultures. Sun Jiazheng, Minister of Culture, chaired the two-day conference. Subjects of particular interest included issues and challenges related to traditional culture and modernization, and the UNESCO preliminary draft of the International Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Contents and Artistic Expressions. "We will revise legislations, increase input, rely on experts and improve education through media to better preserve our cultural heritage," Sun said. Senegal will host next year's INCP meeting.

Shanghai Daily News
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