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INCD/Smithsonian Meeting in Washington, DC, January 10-11, 2005

The INCD and the Smithsonian Institution are collaborating on a 2-day conference: “Globalization and Diversity, UNESCO and Cultural Policy-Making: Imperatives for U.S. Arts and Culture Practitioners and Organizations."

The conference will serve as a forum for discussion and active participation of U.S. artists, cultural workers, and arts and culture organizations in national and international dialogue. Participants should read the relevant documents, particularly the Draft UNESCO Convention on the protection of the diversity of cultural contents and artistic expressions to facilitate the discussion of the potential impact it might have on various arts sectors.

The tentative conference agenda can be found on-line on the website of the Smithsonian Centre for Folklife and Cultural Heritage:

Confirmed presenters include Benjamin Barber, author of the international best seller Jihad vs. McWorld; Bonnie Richardson, Vice-President of the Motion Picture Association; and Tyler Cowen, author of numerous books which argue that globalization and trade promote cultural diversity and a member of the UNESCO Expert Panel which developed the proposed Convention.

The official reception will be held at the stunning new Museum of the American Indian. With the setting of the meeting and the confirmed speakers, this promises to be one of the most thought-provoking events the INCD has hosted in our history.

All U.S-based INCD Members and others who are interested in attending the conference should visit the following website for further information:

For additional information or for those outside the U.S. interesting in attending, please contact Tasha Coleman fax: 202-275-1119 or e-mail: .
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